Snow Shoeing & Sledging

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Trient is located in the heart of a snow shoeing paradise with the Mt Arpille, Col de Balme, col de Forclaz. There is also a 1.2 km sledge run from the Col to Trient and we have free sledges you can use !

Trient: Trail 1 (beginners)

Park in front of the auberge Mt Blanc. Take the bridge over the river going to the right for les Tseppes. After 300 m, turn right on a smaller path climbing through a forest for 1.2 km. At the next cross roads, turn right and descend back to Trient. Allow 45 minutes.

Les Jeurs: Trail Number 2 (Crenne – Pierre-André)

There is a 2.7 km trail to Les Jeurs. Allow 1h30.

Mont Arpille

From the Col de Forclaz, climb up to the Mt Arpille. Allow 1h30.

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